Newspaper Articles on The Bridge From 1928-1929

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This is the eleventh post in a multi-part series on the Municipal Bridge Vision.

The following table lists articles related to the Municipal Bridge Construction which we located in the Jeffersonville Evening News. They are presented here in case you’d like to review them yourself.

Date Title Synopsis
3/21/1928 Spring Street Must Be Improved and Work Started Immediately Unless Entrance to Bridge is Ready When Span Opens City Will Lose Revenue
6/5/1928 Council Approves Bridge Ordinance on Final Reading Contract between Louisville Bride Commission and the city was ratified by an ordinance giving its final reading and passed unanimously by the Jeffersonville City Council.
6/9/1928 Bridge Money Bridge Money to be delivered June 20, 1928
6/9/1928 New Subdivision New Subdivision Presages Growth of Jeffersonville as Result of Traffic Bridge
6/16/1928 New Subdivision Every day there is evidence in Jeffersonville the Influence that is felt by the coming traffic bridge across the Ohio. Never in History has real estate moved so readily.
7/20/1928 Bridge Contract, Super-Structure Let Thursday Contract for the super-structure piers 1 through 8 signed. Amount of $1,915,066.00
7/28/1928 Building of New Traffic Bridge Proves Interesting to Falls Cities
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Visitors frequent caisson chamber on floor of Ohio River, work to be completed December 1, 1928. Large front page article of construction details with photos.
8/7/1928 Bridge Approach Plan Includes the Park Site Dinner sponsored by Chamber of Commerce to discuss an increase in the assessed valuation of Jeffersonville real-estate and a sale of property for a park fund.
8/11/1928 Piers for New Traffic Bridge Launch Caisson 2
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Interior caisson chamber photos with workmen and bridge officials. The launch of caisson No 2. Work on Pier No 1 to begin.
9/6/1928 Bridge Commission Asks for Bids Bridge commission asks for bids for demolition of 13 houses.
9/10/1928 Bridge Heads Visit Building Site of New Traffic Structure Across Ohio River Monday Ralph Modjeski, Frank Masters, George Vang among officials who inspect site, progress on piers is rapid.
9/14/1928 Commission Head Relates History of Bridge Project Believing that there are many persons in Louisville and other Falls cities who would be interested in an authentic history of the municipal highway bridge now being erected across the Ohio River at the foot of Second street, a visit and an interview with the chairman of the bridge commission.
9/14/1928 Company Begins Wrecking of Buildings Monday $1000 bid to tear down 15 buildings for new traffic bridge site.
9/22/1928 New Excavating Process Hastens Progress of Work on Bridge Caisson No. 2
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Smith Orange Peel process hailed as contribution to river construction world Vang receives Madison contract. Detailed article of process.
10/27/1928 Three Piers Completed on New Ohio Traffic Bridge To Begin Superstructure November 1
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Caisson No. 2 largest of 8 now sealed; completed structures are washed as final process
11/3/1928 Steel Work Begins Steel Work Begins on New Traffic Bridge Over Ohio
12/20/1928 City Issues Big Permit To Bridge Commission Today Louisville Bridge Commission was granted a building permit. Toll stations and administration building valued at $150,000.
3/13/1929 Bridge Will Be Rushed Through To Completion A report shows 75% of the steel has been milled and every indication that the bridge will be finished ahead of schedule. A double crew of steel workers will be put on the job for a quicker completion.
4/30/1929 Louisville Mayor Says Span Will Be Completed Nov. 1 Vast amount of steel work yet to be done casts doubts on the completion date of Oct. 1, Nov. 1 is a safe bet.
5/20/1929 Louisville Board Of Trade Plans Big Celebration at Opening of the New Bridge A special celebration to mark completion of the $5,000,000 Louisville Municipal Bridge
6/1/1929 Rapid Progress Is Being Made on New Vehicular Bridge Photos and large detailed article on progress and future expectations.
6/20/1929 First Life Lost In Erection Of Traffic Bridge Richard Pilton, 26 dies after being struck in the temple by an iron crank he was using, knocking him from the barge at the side of the pier no 5. His body was recovered within 5 minutes by the Coast Guard.
7/1/1929 Many Apply for Drivers Licenses Monday More than 200 applicants had applied for drivers licenses from 8 to 1 o'clock Monday afternoon. 300 more were expected before 5 o'clock.
7/18/1929 Good Streets Will Aid in Reducing Bridge Burden As work on the new traffic bridge progresses and the populace of this and adjoining communities await economic advantages such as this project will bring, it would seem to behoove the residents of this city to pause and consider Jeffersonvilles part of the bargain.
7/20/1929 Pylons Approach Entrance of New Traffic Bridge Now Are In Process Of Erection Structures bearing seal of state and American eagle are superb in architectural design in beauty.
7/22/1929 Patchwork On Bridge Approach Streets May Begin Interstate cancels order for materials when city fails to build new roadway. Discussion of preparatory work on streets for new bridge.
7/25/1929 Roads to Madison, Salem May Be Built Roads needing built to address traffic concerns to new bridge.
8/19/1929 Bridge Worker Loses Auto License Gossip
8/29/1929 Heads Discuss Bridge Opening A one day celebration instead of a two day affair is now being planned. The change of plans came upon the advice of Masters and Modjeski.
9/4/1929 Bridge Plans Are Discussed The Louisville Bridge Commission made plans Tuesday at a meeting in Louisville for the celebration of the opening of the $5,000,000 new traffic bridge.
9/10/1929 Powers Of Human Workmen Pressed To High Production Point To Complete Bridge Last Cantilever of $5,000,000 Traffic Structure Swung Into Position. Work in All Departments Is Progressing.
9/10/1929 Schimpff Advertisement Your Bridge Party is not complete without our Brick Cream and "Bridge" Cream. Gust. A. Schimpff. Phone 149.
9/11/1929 Ferry Boats Are For Sale; Service Depends on People Will ferry boat service continue after construction of $5,000,000 traffic bridge is complete?
9/11/1929 Workman Killed In 85-Foot Fall From Traffic Bridge Lloyd McEwen, 25 years old, Bruce, Wis., riveter employed by the American Bridge Company, contractors for the erection of the steel super-structure of the new traffic bridge from Jeffersonville to Louisville was killed at 11:30 o'clock Wednesday morning when he fell from the floor of the bridge, eighty-five feet below to a barge containing steel and anchored in the river. McEwen's death was due to a broken neck, Coroner Asa D. Combs, reported Wednesday. The man also sustained a broken back, broken left arm and lacerations on his head. Workmen who saw the man plunge to his death reported that he was working on the floor of the bridge and apparently made a misstep, losing his balance. McEwen's death marks the second to occur since the beginning of the bridge more than a year ago. Enlarged version
9/12/1929 Workman's Body Taken To Bruce For Burial The body of Lloyd A. McEwen, 30 years old, structural steel worker, who fell to his death, from the bridge floor of the new Traffic bridge filled with steel tied directly beneath the bridge, eighty-five [fete] below, was taken to Bruce, Wis., Thursday morning where funeral services and burial will take place. The body was accompanied to Bruce by a brother, E.J. McEwen, also an employee of the bridge company. Other survivors, are the parents Mr. and Mrs. Dougal McEwen and a sister, Mrs. John Scowles, all of Bruce.
9/12/1929 Article: 18 Named to New Bridge Jobs Selection of names of eighteen applicants for jobs in connection with operation of the new Louisville Municipal Bridge has been made from hundreds.
9/20/1929 Bridge Opening For Hoover Not Thought Probable Edward H. West, secretary of the Louisville Bridge Commission, reported Friday that from a survey of the amount of work yet to be done on the new Louisville Municipal Bridge, it is improbable that the structure will be completed by October 23 in time for an opening celebration when President Hoover visits Louisville.
9/24/1929 Bridge Chairmen To Meet In City Wednesday Night. All Jeffersonville chairmen of the Municipal Bridge Entertainment Committee are asked to meet at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday night at the Red Palace Hotel instead of Tuesday night as formerly announced, M.D. Schlosser announced Tuesday.
9/25/1929 Bridge Opening Now Planned For October 31 Bridge opening set for October 31.
9/27/1929 Accidents Show Big Increase In Past Five Years Large increase in railroad crossing accidents, largely due to reckless automobile drivers. Railroads spending millions to improve crossing safety.
10/5/1929 Commission Urges "Clean-Up" For Bridge Opening Louisville business men were urged Friday in a formal statement of the Louisville Municipal Bridge Committee, to paint and clean up downtown stores in preparation for the celebration of the opening of the new municipal bridge from Jeffersonville to Louisville on Nov. 1.
10/9/1929 Ordinance Drawn To Regulate New Bridge Travelers All laws under motor vehicle provisions are to be enforced on structure.
10/11/1929 Lighted Bridge Lends Impressive View At Night Views of the new municipal traffic bridge from Jeffersonville to Louisville, against a night sky have been visible for several nights as the lighting system of the new structure has been in the testing process.
10/15/1929 Bridge Sponsors Tour Site Tuesday Bridge Commission to tour new structure at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.
10/16/1929 Traffic Plans Made For Bridge Opening Plans for handling traffic during bridge dedication.
10/18/1929 Official Traffic Plans Announced By Committee Official plans for handling of traffic during the time of the Municipal Bridge dedication were announced on Friday.
10/22/1929 Fate of Ferry Company Will Be Determined Within Month. Patronage Is Chief Factor Inquiry being made as to whether Municipal Bridge will draw traffic to extent of rendering service unprofitable.
10/22/1929 Jeff Residents Urged To Join Bridge Parade All residents of Jeffersonville and this community are urged to participate in a parade to be held on Thursday, October 31, in connection with the dedication ceremonies of the new municipal traffic bridge.
10/22/1929 President Hoover To be Frist Passenger on Louisville Bridge The first passenger to ride across the new Louisville Municipal Bridge will be President Hoover.
10/23/1929 Hoover Not To Be Passenger Over New Bridge President Hoover is not to make the trip over the new Municipal Traffic Bridge as planned and previously announced.
10/25/1929 Final Processes Under Way To Complete Bridge Local Committee cooperates with Louisville Commission in dedicatory plans.
10/25/1929 Full Page Ad Municipal Bridge Dedication Invitation for Nov 1. Includes description of numerous activities and events related to bridge opening.
10/28/1929 Bridge Opening To Be A Big Parade Large Headline. Same size and layout as stock market crash later in the week. Governors of Sister States to Meet on Span Over River as Bands Blare and Guns Boom.
10/29/1929 Seven Jeff Men To Help Police Highway Bridge Both Jeffersonville and Louisville give bridge guards full authority as policemen. Note: This article appears immediately below the headline: STOCKS RALLY AFTER $10-60
10/29/1929 Bridge and Ferry Both May Operate Boat Men Believe Straw vote said to indicate that only one in 100 will cease to use boats.
10/29/1929 30 or 35 Cent Toll For Cars On Bridge Foreseen Today Commission meets to determine final tolls on new bridge.
10/31/1929 ARE WE BRIDGE GOAT? Announcement of Bridge Toll Schedule.
11/2/1929 No Consideration Shown Jeffersonville Schedule of new tolls falls as "wet blanket" over merchants and business men.
12/3/1929 Bridge Commission To Build Roadway Along Fourth Street To Connect Highway and Bridge Standard Oil Agrees to pay city $18,500 for 25-Year Contract
12/17/1929 Plan to Cease Ferry Service In A Few Days Company directors vote at meeting to liquidate assets.
12/26/1929 Bank Sleuth Found Dying On New Span Louisville Police probe the finding of a man in an unconscious condition on the municipal bridge. Man is not expected to live.
12/27/1929 Bridge Body to Build Roadway Bridge commission to build 20 foot concrete emergency roadway.
12/31/1929 Car Identified in Mysterious Bridge Death Members of homicide squad identify ownership of car from which James Connaughton fell. Man died the day after he was found on bridge.

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