Summary of The Municipal Bridge Vision

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We have concluded our research on the Municipal Bridge Vision.

Summary of Findings

Brother Branham’s accounts of the vision are contradictory and do not line up with the timing of the bridge’s construction.

Historical records are complete and archives were not lost in the flood.

The previous bridge construction accident on the Big Four Railroad bridge was reported as a front page news story by papers across the country. Any accident of this magnitude on the Municipal Bridge would have been similarly reported as national news.

The official engineer’s report to the Municipal Bridge Commission proves there were no large unexpected expenses during the project that would be associated with a horrible construction accident.

Exactly two men died during construction. You can ready all of the newspaper articles related to the bridge’s construction and see this for yourself.

There was an official Coast Guard Life Saving Station located just a few hundred yards from the bridge. The station officers were under strict orders to conduct a 24 hour watch of the river and document it in an official log book that is now stored in the National Archives. While there are many accounts of rescues and recoveries, including cases of assistance related to the bridge, there is no evidence of sixteen men falling to their deaths from the bridge in the very detailed station logs.

The vision was not fulfilled during the great flood of 1937.

There is no historical evidence of the vision being fulfilled.

Lack of Evidence

The following resources do not contain any mention of the Municipal Bridge Accident that Brother Branham says was the fulfillment of his childhood vision:


This vision was used throughout Brother Branham’s ministry to vindicate he was a prophet from birth. It was a foundational piece of his life story and it was significant to his overall ministry. While we’ve concluded our research on the vision itself, along the way we discovered a number of other pieces of historical evidence related to Brother Branham’s ministry. We’ve already presented some information about Six Second Smith and the pulpit that rose during the flood. We’ll be sharing additional documents in future blog posts.

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06 April 2013